Empire Bay is the fictional city for the setting of Mafia II. It is based on both New York City and San Francisco. It was originally named Empire City earlier in the game's development.


The city is surrounded by countryside, and the map is going to be open ended, with an area of around 10 square miles.


The city will feature sights such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building; however, it is unknown if the game will actually call a particular building the Empire State Building. The player will be able to buy safehouses where they can store weapons and loot and use as a home.

Restaurants will be accessible to buy food like hamburgers, sandwiches, and drinks, such as coffee, to restore lost health. Gas stations are also featured. Vito can go into clothing stores and purchase different outfits.

The game will feature around 20 neighborhoods.

Law and OrderEdit

Laws, such as traffic laws and steet laws, are strictly enforced, but the police interaction will be toned down compared to the original Mafia game.


The city has a rail line, which predominately is based upon the New York Central RR, as screenshots have shown trains in the company's livery, as well as company loco types. The railway line is also linked to a large dock/industrial complex.

See vehicles ( for more information

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